I think it’s really funny how things happen! One minute I’m dreaming of a community art space and some studio space for myself and anyone who wants to share and the next minute its all happening.

I’ve just secured a great space on a local vineyard for myself as a studio/gallery/workshop area. Okay, it needs a heap of work done to stop the birds getting in and to make it a bit cosy but its mine to do whatever I want with. A whole barn to play in!

Then, at the Scarecrow Festival awards last night (congrats to Dan etc who came equal 1st with their very fantastical, whimsical scarecrows), not only did I discover a new place to go and meet lots of lovely local people but I met a guy who loves the idea of a community art space and is willing to work with us and aim at building the space right here on the peninsula. OMG! And you should see where it is…. best not to mention names yet, until it is a formal agreement, just in case!

So, in a very short space of time, the wheels have started turning….. really quickly! oooo I’d better get moving!

I’m feeling a lack of photos in my blog…. must work on that too!

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