tread lightly

Things are happening. The gentle breeze is pushing me ever so softly in a direction that I should have travelled along long ago, and I think I’m ready. I’m tied up nicely in my world of art, my protective covering, my quilt. My place for free expression, where for some reason I’m not scared of others responses. I do what I can and what I feel I’m going to enjoy, and most times it comes out okay!
But this breeze…. Gary and I have thought for ages that we’d like to have a square (or rectangle, triangle, whatever angle comes to us) of sanctuary somewhere in this mixed up crazy world. We nearly had one two years ago and I lament the day we walked away…. always will despite what my head keeps telling me. This morning Mandy and I chatted on the phone about land, co-ops, sharing, environmentally responsible stuff and having something, a gift even, to pass on to our next generations. Then just now, as I did my usual peruse of my favourite blogs, I tried a random new one from Teesha’s blog…. it was this one Not so much the blog that got to me but the links at the end of the October 12th post. Why did I randomly pick this blog? I really like the little brown dress site….
There are some really responsible people in this world and I really admire those who can be. Sometimes it takes huge strength to say “no thanks” and to keep walking in the direction that you feel you should. I am ashamed to say that I don’t even have a bucket in my kitchen sink to catch the drips. I try to justify my actions by saying that I don’t turn a tap on outside, I don’t water anything except the tree fern and that’s only when I’m changing the pets water bucket. Water, water, water… wow, it really makes me wonder where we’ll be without it?

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One Response to tread lightly

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay Sammy.
    Just checked out the St Kilda Ecohouse website (sorry I dont know how to link this yet) and it made me teary,
    its sooooooo exciting and RIGHT.
    You are an angel you know.
    Your studio idea is Ace.

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