a book in a box

What a wonderful weekend….. perhaps only slightly marred by a certain migrane/girly trouble sickness which forced me to miss most of the second day of an amazing workshop with Glen Skien .

Glen is a boxmaker extraordinair. Oh my goodness, talk about appealing to the “collectors” sense of everything! I am entranced by his stuff. What a fabulous way to record history or any narrative of life. Silver pocket watches, vintage cigarette lighters, photos and documents all placed thoughtfully together in a box decorated with lovely handmade paper. Something that sits on a shelf just calling for someone to open it and peer in, to pull out a drawer here or there and to find a little secret hidey hole containing something precious.

If you get a chance, Glen is currently exhibiting at Icon Gallery , check out his work. I’m going to try! It finishes on the 25th November.

So, the workshop was organised by the Papermakers of Victoria, a wonderful group to whom I belong. There were about twelve of us in total and we toiled away, cutting remarkably precise pieces of boxboard which eventually turned into the most incredible works of art. Unfortunately due to the fact that I was in bed throwing up for most of Sunday, my box cannot yet be shown here! Watch this space though!
Glen is a beautifully patient and gentle teacher, who spent much time with all of us, watching our work, guiding us gently, and sharing small little insights into his work and inspiration for it. Think Japanese bento box. I loved every minute of our workshop.

Dolls….. who’s got one and who hasn’t?! I haven’t but here’s a secret, I know it’s not far away! Dan promised I’ll have it soon – woooo hooooo!

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