affair of the mind

hmmm, inspiration thursday asks for inspiration
for me it involves my head. once an affair starts in my mind, it doesn’t leave until satiated. words and flickering images that jangle my thoughts, keeping me awake at odd hours, speeding my heart and metabolism. it started yesterday. some broken thoughts, innocent at the start, browing bolder by the hour, by the minute, until i find myself awake at 2, at 4, again at 5 until now at 630, im out of bed putting the thoughts out on paper and hopefully out of my head.
business, no not work business, but the art of being busy…. that’s what its like in here right now. a collage, or two, an unfinished felted melty stitched thing, an idea for a quilted piece to enter into a competition, an art doll round robin about to start….is my journal okay? a small installation, to use poor miss polly’s dolly – a small treasure for my mum who watches, ever watchful from above, a piece to say “i still hear you”. now the tears, more inspiration or do they make me question what i do and what i think of doing?
two finished but unsent canvases for another round robin – they sit waiting for the money to send… will it ever come?
lots of words, sentences, almost a book but not quite yet.
unfinished business – something to dream about, perhaps a reward for tb when she’s ready, when she’s ready for her flight. will that flight ever land?
an exhibition perhaps? not scared, more inspiration… something tangible, a goal, involves others so i’m accountable
see, inspiration comes from within. with the seasons as they drift on by. today is a doing day, i hope i do
ps once again i’ve missed the photo boat but i may do an abridged version!

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