black and white thursday part two

okay so I didn’t take it, but it IS black and white and it is art. portrait of me last summer taken by my incredibly talented photographer husband. i really like it!

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One Response to black and white thursday part two

  1. Momma Pajama says:

    Hi Samm, thanks for coming to see me! I see that you are a new blogger too (although I have become a posting addict…up to 53 already I think!) Anyway, posting photos is tough, but this is what I know…If you are going to post more than one photo, post them in the reverse order that you really want. The most recent post always shows up on top. Sometimes you have to post a photo several times before it “catches.” There is a limit of how much memory you can use up on each post – for example 3 photos, or 2 photos and 2 links. After that you can try and try and the photo or link just won’t appear. Oh, and if you get fancy, you can post a photo, type, then cut and paste the photo code into the middle of your type block. If you get stuck, I’ll mail my 12 year old son over to help you! Blessings, Paula

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