doll swap

Okay, so she’s looking a bit funny right now but i want to keep a running commentary of my doll swap. this is….. um…. haven’t quite come up with a name for her yet, and she’s a kind of prototype for the real deal. she’s a bit big to be sending around the world so i’ll try a scaled down version to send off on the swap. i am so excited. i just scanned her head, there’s much more below… i have run out of polyfill and the shop i went to at 10 to 5 this arvo had run out of it so she remains in a semi-filled state! poor thing…. imagine having your picture posted for all the world to see when you’re not quite ready?!

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One Response to doll swap

  1. pangolin says:

    its going 2 b so gooooooood

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