absent but inspired!

Can somebody tell me why I can’t get my photos to appear where i want them to? So frustrating – oh well, pretend these pictures appear somewhere in the middle of this post! Picture one is a seamless vessel I made during a felting workshop at Textile Artistry with Kay. I have been watching it for weeks now, waiting for the embellishments to “appear” before my very eyes… last night, while watching Zorro on DVD (very good btw), these bits of embellishment appeared! I got my inspiration for the piece from the Japanese waterfall artwork (pic two). I just loved the colour and flow of the piece. Now I think my vessel looks more American indian! I’ve got more threads to add….

Wow! Where have I been? It seems that Time has tripped gaily past without a care in the world and has conveniently forgotten to take me along with her. Last time I looked it was June, or perhaps May when I turned another year older…. Now it’s July. I will have been married two years on Monday, I STILL have a houseful of Mum’s stuff (OMG) and I’m still no closer to finishing anything for the folio I’m trying to put together! OH DEAR! Mind you, I soooooo love the journey!

Tuesday, in my letterbox, appeared the 4 (hmmm, yes 4) back issues of Quilting Arts mag that I found on ebay for some kind of bargain price (i’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you kind of bargain!) so for the past two days I’ve been entrenched in the pages, buzzing with excitement, dreamily musing….. and NOT DOING!!!! I have however found the reason why I still have all of the beautiful old Irish linen napkins, old fashioned doillies (last count 120), and other amazing pieces of fabric marvels – of course….. a wall hanging with family historical connotations! That is my big project, the one I’m working towards, the one that is going to catapault me into instant mixed meda / textile artistry stardom…..

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2 Responses to absent but inspired!

  1. jafabrit says:

    Hi there, I enjoyed seeing the japanese image that was the point of inspiration for your piece.

    I am a member of the found art blog and saw your name there.

  2. pangolin says:

    hi gorgeous.Wow indeed. the felting looks amazing. Cant wait to see it ‘on real’ as miss mollie would say. Hey ; just got home from the most amazing exhibition @ Mc Clelland. You HAVE to go – Louise Weaver doing amazing crochet, prints, transfers & whimsical installations. I’m so uplifted. Yay 2 Gaz for last night.xxxxm

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